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Take a closer look at the largest volcanic crater in Saudi Arabia
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) - If you have a curiosity day and want to roam between the volcanic craters of the dead, you should visit a free raft in Saudi Arabia. But if you want to take a closer look at the largest crater in the Arabian Peninsula, the vortex is waiting for you. You may think it is just a nozzle, but in reality it is a fountain with a popular legend that combines the love of the mountains of Tamim and Akash. According to the photographer Ali al-Shahri, Jebel Tameeh, the black female, has cut herself off from the vortex to meet her beloved white mountain "Cotton", which is hundreds of kilometers away in Qassim. On her way to her lover to the west of the area, she was attacked by the mountain of Akash, which threw her wings to make her jealous of her. This was the end of her journey. It was later called a "tectonic quarry", relative to a tummy that cut itself and flew to its lover. The nozzle is formed by a saline layer formed by evaporation of the rainwater that meets in its middle. With its features, Al Shehri said it was huge in terms of breadth and depth, with a diameter of about two and a half kilometers and a depth of 200 meters. On its edges, you find many trees that grow and add rare beauty to volcanic craters. Al-Shahri tried to show the size of the real nozzle through his pictures, after he stopped his car on its edge. It is noteworthy that the crater of the volcano has been dead for thousands of years, where many travelers and tourists. It is also located west of the village of Hafar Keshab in Al-Maweeh Governorate, northeast of Taif